How Did King Henry Viii Break From The Catholic Church

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Carly Campbell Dr. Devanney Honors European History February 1, 2010 King Henry VIII and the Break from the Catholic Church During the 1500s, Martin Luther started the Reformation movement. This event spread all over Western Europe and led to the division of the Catholic Church. As a result many countries, such as England, formed new churches and revised Christian doctrine. King Henry VIII was responsible for the break from the Catholic Church in England. King Henry VIII was the second Tudor monarch and came to the English throne in 1509.[1] He married Catherine of Argon, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, in 1504.[2] After almost ten years together, Henry VIII needed to produce a male heir. Many pregnancies later, Henry VIII and Catherine had a daughter, Mary, February 18, 1516. Henry VIII still needed a male heir to ascend to the throne after his death. However, Mary was the only surviving child and Henry VIII still needed a son.[3] However, Catherine was now forty years old and was too old to reproduce so King Henry the VIII appealed for a divorce. King Henry was convinced that his marriage was a failure by Cardinal Thomas Wosley, the chief minister. Cardinal Wosley gave King Henry doubts about the marriage and in May of 1527 announced that the “King was suffering a troubled conscience from personal matters.”[4]…show more content…
When King Henry was crowned the supreme head of the Church of England, Moore refused to recognize his authority. He was executed in 1535. The English people had little sympathy for the situation and the Reformation continued. The English people began to have a radical view and King Henry took control over the Erasmian Humanists.[15] [16] King Henry VIII also reformed the clergy in particular the bishops’ position. He passed a law in 1536 that abolished the papal authority and said that no bishop has more authority over another.[17] King Henry VIII also had concern for
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