How Are You Ruined by Luxury and Heatless Expense? Essay

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How are you ruined by luxury and heatless expense? Every day we all get more attached to our electronic devices and as we seem to notice that day by day that technology is empowering is a huge way. We start wanting new things that are more advanced and high tech than what we have. Whether we notice or not these things that we have become obsessed with are starting to ruin us. It doesn’t let us give it our 100% focus on a task we’re currently doing and it intertwines with our actions too. Most students use their devices whenever they want to or feel like it and when they do they’re taking time away from learning something form the teacher. They can’t help it because this obsession slowly turns into something they can’t stop because they have became so close and attached to and they can’t see or imagine their lives without it. These “Luxury Devices” make our lives easier in the way that we have to do less but it hurting us in the way that we’re lazy and we won’t be able to learn like our parents and ancestors did. It’s also keeping us form thinking thoroughly we sometimes can find it easier to just maybe “copy and paste” rather than using our brains and actually trying to think for at least once in our life. It’s true that all of this helping us and plays a huge part in our generation but its keeping most people from actually thinking and or imagining because it just seems easier to look it up on our devices. How is it that solitude is not solitude and poverty not poverty nor weakness really weakness? All these things that may appear may not be as bad as you might claim them to be because it all just depends in what perspective you have at that particular “problem” and at life. There may be some people that are in poverty and they don’t see it bad because they maybe feel good because they’ve maybe accomplished what their goal was in life. Also these stuff are not

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