Hounding the Innocent

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Hounding The Innocent Have you ever witness a person having to pull over to the side of the road by a law enforcment officer and wondering why? In the article "Hounding The Innocent" Bob Herbert illistrates his feelings about the nations ethnic profiling. Herbert articulates his belief that ethnic profiling by law enforcement authorities in the united states comes in many forms, and all of them are disgusting. He uses facts,statistics,statements from authorities and personal story's to present his argument. Herbert informs his audience that many americans are unaware of ethnic profiling and its negative effects. I agree with herberts article that ethnic profiling is a big issue in the united states and needs to be stopped. The idea of racial profiling is completely immoral and should not be tolerated. The law promises the equality of everyone and law enforcement officals should not be allowed to practice this act. Individuals,blacks,and hispanics in this case are often profiled by law enforcement officers because there more likely to commit crimes. Are these convicted minorities truly commiting crimes, or are they just being targeted? We should not allow police to abuse their authority over the innocent. Racial profiling has been a really big promblem in the United States. Law enforcement and citizens dont really look eye to eye but there are some things they can agree on. Law enforcement want to protect the citizens from getting into trouble and causing harm to others. Citizens want law enforcement to keep the streets safe for their kids and also there own protection. If law enforcement does there job protecting the citizens and keeping violence and harm off the streets, Then the citizens will feel protected and not feel like law enforcement are not just targeting blacks,and hispanics. Most hispanics
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