Fahrenheit 451, Questions And Answers

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1. What is the context of this passage? Montag is in a vulnerable state and is easily influenced. He is also inconclusive about how he feels about his society’s values. However his superior Captain Beatty is trying to convince and advise Montag that he shouldn’t be interested in the books and he shouldn’t read them. Beatty tells Montag the history of how books became banned. He begins with saying that there were many groups in their society: for example doctors, Mormons, Italians and Brooklynintes. The many minorities represented different cultures and beliefs so they were many books, plays and t.v shows that taught and influenced others about many of the group’s philosophies. Beatty tells Montag that with “a bigger market there is less controversy” however some of the authors were full of “evil thoughts” and they created and wrote content and compositions that were derogatory to many ethnicities and religions which caused dispute and arguments among many minorities. So the books stopped selling and books were banned- they “were dishwater”- so censoring books and tv programs was to ensure equality among people. By eliminating information and keeping people docile and passive with meaningless…show more content…
What themes are bought forward? Discuss with evidence from the
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