Hospital Improvement in American Samoa

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Irae Vine Mr. Matuu English 251-Section 15 4 September, 2012 Hospital in American Samoa should help people instead of making them stress In hospital here in American Samoa it is definitely a nightmare for other people because they could end up in success or no success which means a victim in the hospital could be dead or live due to the doctors’ treatment. There should be more issue that benefits the health of the community. There are several things that suffer people here in American Samoa which can lead people to stress. First issue is that people suffering on paying the hospital bills. The other problem is that there is not enough treatment here in American Samoa to cure our people, so the option for other people is to pay their air fare and go to the state in searching for the treatment that they need. Last issue is the expenses of medicine, most people rely on it to live but they could not afford it if there is not enough money. Hospital bills expenses are basically the problem that will not let other people be in the hospital. They can get stressed by figuring out a way to eliminate the bills so they could be eligible to get help from the hospital again. There should be a way to help the community on these there needs for paying their bills. Another problem for the health care bill is that the economy is keep increasing and it is a very difficult situation for low income families to deal with, they could not pace themselves because of the expenses. A reality for this problem could end up for people working extra job just to get rid of the health care, which can make people stress of whether die or keep working. A good solution for this problem is that the hospital should depend there billing payment according to the income that a family has because they also need money to support their family. There should also be more treatment to help people and make

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