Military Government Shut Down Analysis

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Compare and Contrast Module 5 In October 2013 the media reported about a possible government shut down which would effect WIC benefits, Food Stamp benefits, and military personnel not getting future pay if the government did not come to an agreement. Once the government shut down it affected a lot of government employees and military families. Military pay was being threatened due to the shut down. If the shut down had continued, soldiers would not get their pay. Which means they could not support their families or pay their bills. Although, soldiers did get paid, it was a situation where you had to figure out what if they did stop the pay. WIC and Food Stamp benefits were being threatened by the shut down as well. If WIC ran out of money that would mean a lot of pregnant women, babies and small children would lack a resource they all need. The same with Food Stamps, there are people who need these benefits. People started to resort to food banks for assistance. The people were using…show more content…
I believe if someone would have spoken to the soldiers and the families to see what their thoughts on the shut down was, the public would get a better insight on what military families have to face. The shut did last longer than what people had expected. It did cause uproar among the military community because military families live paycheck to paycheck. Military families rely on getting paid on time and resources such as WIC and Food Stamps. The way some people viewed this situation as it was unfolding, was in a manner of what are these soldiers and families will do had they not gotten paid. It is good that the media posts information regarding our military and what they face. This is not the first shut down in our government history and I am sure it will not be the last. I believe the media should get inside information and feedback from the soldiers and families when a crisis likes this

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