Hospice Volunteers Are the Heart of Hospice

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Topic: Hospice Volunteers Are The Heart of Hospice! By Katie Stringer General Purpose: To persuade Specific purpose: To persuade my audience to donate their time as a hospice volunteer. Thesis statement: By becoming a hospice volunteer, people can help the people they serve live every moment of life to the fullest. Introduction Robert is seventy-three years old, has terminal cancer and is blind. He is a widow with no children. He needs constant care. Hospice comes in daily to see to his medical needs. Who will care for his pet, grocery shop for him, cook for him and so forth? Would you be willing to make this man’s last days as meaningful as possible? (capture attention) Hospice patients usually have three to six months to live. The goal of hospice care is to help make a person’s last few months be as fulfilling and comfortable as possible. I understand the need for hospice volunteers because my mother has been one for over three years. She cooks her patients’ favorite meals for them and visits them weekly. Mother has formed close bonds with the patients and family members. She has shared many of her experiences with me. Due to my mother’s involvement with hospice, I plan to start working as a volunteer this summer. Without hospice volunteers, hospices could not continue their important work. According to the Hospice Foundation, federal law requires that at least 5% of patient care hours be provided by volunteers. Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for hospice care without meeting this requirement. Volunteers really are the heart of hospice care. Today we will look at the need for hospice volunteers. We will also look at how easy and fulfilling being a hospice volunteer can be. (preview statement) Body Organizational Pattern: Problem/Solution I. There is a need for hospice volunteers. A. There has been a tremendous growth in

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