The Importance Of Oral Hygien Volunteering

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As the little boy sat in the center of the room with a lollipop protruding from the smile on his face, he waved his hand excitedly in the air. It would not be until later that I noticed the yellow stains and plaque buildup inside his mouth. After I called on him to volunteer for the “floss dance” in front of the rest of his third grade class, he told me his name was Dante. I asked Dante if he volunteered because he loved to floss, and he replied “I don’t know how to floss, I just love dancing.” His response shocked me for a second because I could not remember a time in my own life when I did not make a visit to Dr. Brewer’s dental office, chatting with him and my hygienist Corinne about school and basketball and leaving with a toothbrush, floss, and toy in my hand. At that point I realized just how important the next thirty minutes could be to some of these kids since they had never learned about oral…show more content…
When I first came to college, there were several clubs and fraternities to choose from but I knew the one I wanted to join most was one involved in service. Through Alpha Phi Omega, I have been able to participate in many community outreach projects. I love the bonds and interactions I gain from these experiences, and one that stood out was a program called Saturday Partners in Education, in which a child chooses you as a role model and buddy for the day. Shy, nine-year-old Heather chose me. By the end of our time together, she was showering me with hugs and insisting I keep all of her arts and crafts projects. A month later, during the next Saturday PIE, I was so happy to see her bright face return; and even more so when she remembered and chose me as her buddy again. Dentistry is a great profession because I love the idea that you get to build that bond with patients, seeing them on repeated visits and knowing the simple details of their lives, which makes a huge

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