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“Catnip Records has asked you to propose a theme and a full track listing for a compilation album that they wish to release on CD (compact disc). The label has also asked you to advise them on obtaining the appropriate copyright clearances in order that they can release the album without fear of breaking copyright laws. You are free to choose any theme you wish, but you should provide justification for both your choice of theme and the track listing. This justification should include a discussion of your target market. Your proposed track listing should consist of between 10 and 14 tracks. Use your best endeavors to identify the rights owners for all relevant copyrighted content pertaining to 3 of your chosen tracks. Provide references for…show more content…
It will obtain the appropriate copyright clearances so there will be no chance of the breaking of copyright laws. During the span of the essay the importance of copyright law whilst creating compilation albums and there assets will be shown by highlighting their purpose, which may also include using examples within the music industry environment. It will clarify how themes decide the track listings and order they go. The theme I have chosen to propose to Catnip Records is one called “rice & peas Sundays” I have chosen this as A theme as it is something that is close to home as well as something I know I can relate and be passionate about whilst completing this project. It will allow me to research on a more personal level rather than just through scholar sources. My inspiration for this theme came from memories as a child, on a Sunday all of my Nana’s six children, spouses and twelve grandchildren would gather at her home for Sunday dinner. The kitchen was the main attraction as we all knew we were in for an unforgettable treat, even if the menu was the same as last weeks. All the women gathered in the kitchen each designated a specific job and no matter how big or small, it was important because, without it dinner would not be the…show more content…
|Island Records | |6 |Louisa Mark |Even Though Your Gone | | | |7 |Beres Hammond |There For You |Hugh Beresford Hammond |VP Records | |8 |Luciano |It’s Me Again | | | |9 |Garnett Silk |Fill Us Up With Mercy | | | |10 |Luciano |Knocking On Heavens Door | | | |11 |Sanchez |Never Dis The Man | | | | I chose these specific tracks as they each represent a specific, or in some cases special moment in time from Sunday family dinners, and this is how they represent my theme. They each tell a story creating long lasting memories. The target audience for my compilation album would mainly be women within the ages thirty upwards as within my family structure they were the main ones who took on the responsibility of the kitchen. The three song’s I have chosen to find the appropriate copyright information on are Bob Marley’s waiting in vain, Millie Small’s my boy lollipop and lastly Beres Hammond there for you. I will now go on to give more detail as to how I found the appropriate information necessary to complete the task given to myself by Catnip

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