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Family Interview I decided to do my Family Interview Paper at the home of a friend, named Kathy. The interview took place on March 10th, 2013. Interview start time 3:00 pm and end time was 4:30 pm, location was on kitchen table, present that afternoon was six-year-old child named Jenny, Kathy and Ricky, ages thirty-one, and thirty-six and of course myself, I’m twenty-five. Kathy and Kathy are husband and wife; have been married for three years going onto four years in October. They first met via a mutual friend and instantly became best friends. Kathy was dating an ex boyfriend and got pregnant with her now six year old daughter. Shortly after Jennies father left Kathy and Ricky feel in love, got married and had decided to have the baby together. Ricky has now adopted Jenny and shows her all the love in the world. Kathy is Portuguese, Ricky is Peruvian and Jenny is half Portuguese and half Hispanic. Kathy is a Dental Hygienist and Ricky is a Civil Engineer. The Family They have a very similar work schedule and their careers offer them a consistent schedule; they get the weekends off and spend Saturday for themselves, they call it “date night,” they like going out to different lounges and restaurants and on Sundays they dedicate it to Jenny and spend it as a family. They live in San Francisco, so finding weekend outings to do, as a family is never a problem. Jennies favorite place to go to is a local park that’s a few blocks down from their home. The family has a very organize and reliable schedule during the week. Jenny attends a private school from 7:45 am to 3:00 pm, since mom and dad work till around 6:00 pm Jennies nanny picks her up from school and watches her at their home until Kathy or Ricky come home from work. They do homework after dinner and have board games at least once a month. Kathy is very family oriented and bring at lot of her

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