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The Story of Tammy Sarah Calhoun Developmental Psychology Professor Wyatt DeVry University Tammy was born on October 4, 1954 in the small town of Belleville, Illinois. Tammy was the fourth child of Birdie and Gerald and was overall a happy healthy child. She had aspirations of becoming an astronaut when she was a child, and loved playing in her pretend spaceship that she and her brother Tim made out of cardboard boxes. Tammy had a very active imagination and loved to come up with all different kinds of play. Tammy made decent grades all throughout her grade and high school years. She spent a lot of her time outdoors and also helping her mother Birdie cook huge meals every Sunday in their kitchen. Tammy had many dreams of what she would become as an adult and often could not wait to grow up and experience anything and everything the world had to offer. During Tammy’s young adulthood she was a slim, petite young woman and was very active. She ate home cooked meals almost all the time and was in great health. In her early 20s she still lived at home and worked at a day care…show more content…
Tammy does start to notice that her memory is not as sharp as it once was. Tammy starts to experience multidirectionality. She also notices that her energy level is not as high. Tammy has a high stress job and tends to bring home some of her stress even after she is off the clock. Exercising helps as her outlet for extra stress. Tammy spends her days off work with her children and mother. Her son, daughter and mother all get together each Sunday and have dinner and movie nights. Tammy’s job only requires her to work three days a week, so she has ample free time to spend gardening, hiking and relaxing. Tammy meets many new friends through work, and enjoys spending time with co-workers outside of work on the

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