Honda Cbbe Model

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Honda Brand Equity 1) Salience Dimensions (Awareness of the Brand): a) Depth of Brand Awareness : Definitely superlative quality, great services are the factors that enhance a product’s recall value and Honda as a Brand signifies quality with luxury. In India Honda is an established brand which has significant brand depth in terms of recall, as you remind for quality Honda names come in the mind. Its tag line “POWER OF DREAMS” signifies the importance of dreams in humans and helps the customer to relate and recall the Honda brand. b) Breadth of Brand Awareness: After the recall now purchase consideration of Honda is also high. Whenever any customer buys Honda product it spreads mouth to mouth publicity and creates a Brand Loyalty which in turns form a chain. Honda has always broadened its product portfolio and responsive to change in market which helps in getting the breadth in the segment. 2) Imagery (Satisfaction of Customer’s Psychological Needs): With Honda the psychological need of any customer is the experience of owning a Honda. One feels pride on using any product of it. For example user of Honda Cars feels sense of pleasure while driving it, which creates a satisfaction of having the most trustworthy brand. Advertisements of Honda portray a sense of security and they are always spreads the caring message which has created a strong feeling and hit the psychic of all the customers. For example if we take an Honda Jazz, in spite being most expensive in the segment, people are buying it because when it comes to safety of the passengers, Honda make no compromises. Truly speaking, at Honda, safety is not an option. These safety features are a standard offering across the entire range of Honda in the Indian market. Honda Jazz Safety Features: To ensure the safety of the occupants of the car, Honda cars are built on the „Advance

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