Health Care Marketing Analysis: Planned Parenthood

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Health care marketing analysis Brandy Marsh HCS 539 May 14, 2012 Debbie Schrager Health care marketing analysis According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (n.d.), “prenatal care has been recognized as the cornerstone of our health-care system for pregnant women since the beginning of the twentieth century” (public health importance). Prenatal care is an important aspect of a woman’s pregnancy. For some women obtaining prenatal care can be difficult so prenatal clinics have become a valuable resource. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey offer reduced or sliding scale pricing for women who cannot afford prenatal care. Marketing for Planned Parenthood is vital to the organizations success.…show more content…
This paper will also focus on Planned Parenthood’s target market including demographics, psychographics, and data from the general area and why understanding the target market is vital to the success of the marketing plan. Product, price, promotion, and place are key elements to the success of any organization. According to Berkowitz (2006), “product represents goods, services, or ideas offered by a firm” (Chapter 1, the four Ps). Southern New Jersey Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services for pregnant women. They offer medical examinations, laboratory services, WIC, pregnancy support and education, nutrition education, and adolescent parenting support groups. These services are considered the organizations product. “The issue of pricing for health care services has become a major concern of marketing strategy as the health care environment changes.” “Several factors are contributing to the greater role that the pricing variable is playing in developing marketing strategy” (Berkowitz, 2006, pg. 5). Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey offers free or reduced payment options for women who visit the prenatal clinic. By offering…show more content…
4). The Southern New Jersey Planned Parenthood prenatal clinic has a partnership with Cooper Medical Center. By joining forces with the Cooper Medical Center patients can receive prenatal care at the Southern New Jersey prenatal clinic and deliver their babies at a reputable health care facility by trained medical residents. This partnership is valuable to the health care marketing strategy because both organizations can coordinate and help guide an individual's health care needs without the potential of conflict, jealousy, or competition. Each organization benefits from wider exposure, more referrals, and marketing that is more efficient (McCord, 1999-2012, para. 6). By partnering with a well-respected medical facility the prenatal clinic can improve their reputation, reach a larger number of consumers, and develop a successful marketing

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