What To Expect When Eating Rhetorical Analysis

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WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN EXPECTING Audience Analysis What to Expect When Expecting is the number one selling pregnancy guide written by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. The guide presents information in a question and answer format highlighting each of the nine months of pregnancy. Within its chapters are tips for having a healthy pregnancy, information on maintaining a balanced diet, and even a complete nutrition plan. Let’s take a look at the readers who would be interested in this guide. TARGET AUDIENCE The primary audience for this guide would be pregnant women—more importantly first-time mothers-to-be. For a first-time mother there are many unanswered questions. The woman reading this may have just started out trying to get pregnant,…show more content…
Many cultures have their own approach to pregnancy and childbirth. For example, the Roma (gypsies) believe that a pregnant woman is impure, so they put on her restrictions that keep her isolated from most of the group, even limiting her time with her husband, to prevent her from dirtying other items or people of the group. In countries such as Holland and Sweden, childbirth is considered a natural, coming-of-age occurrence and is rarely interfered with medically. In our country, childbirth is often viewed as a strategically planned medical event. Many American women, educated or not, have little understanding of the process of pregnancy and delivery and tend to regard it in fear. When an American woman finds herself expecting, she often has mixed thoughts of joy and apprehension concerning childbirth. The targeted audience for this guide would be American women being that the writer is…show more content…
They want to know everything there is to know to ensure they have a healthy baby. The audience who purchases this guide is aware that there are lifestyle adjustments that need to be made in order to have a health pregnancy and they want to learn all about them. The reader may also be someone who is only in the planning stages of becoming pregnant and wants to know all about conception and the right time to make that happen. The audience of this guide wants information that includes what happens from the time a woman first begins to suspect pregnancy, through each of the nine months, and into the postpartum period. The woman reading this wants substantial nutritional information that discusses caloric intake, and maintaining balanced meals perhaps by providing sample recipes. For the women purchasing this guide they are about to enter the next nine months not knowing what to expect. With their many unanswered questions this book will give them all the helpful information needed to help guide them on this exciting

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