Quality Of Life And Functioning (Revision)

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Quality of Life and Functioning (Revision) Teresa Lynn Collier, RN HAT1/Community Health Nursing February 6, 2013 Western Governors University Personal Perceptions This is an interesting topic for me since I am the age of the patient and my best friend died from ovarian cancer five years ago. Initially, as I read the scenario, I wonder why Mrs. Thomas did not consider prophylactic bilateral mastectomy when the first mass was diagnosed as malignant. With the family history of breast cancer it seems like the prudent thing to do. However, the past cannot be undone so we have to move on to helping her and her family have the best quality of life for the time she has remaining. I believe that I have a pragmatic way of looking at…show more content…
The community nurse can speak with Mrs. Thomas about what her passions and goals in life include and investigate ways to help her meet some of those goals. Planning outings with her friends and former co-workers could be helpful; any activity to bring some sense of normalcy to her life. Holistic Nursing Action Plan Following a thorough assessment of the family dynamics and determining their needs, an immediate action would be to ask them to consider placement with hospice services. Hospice is able to provide many support services, including medications, personal nursing services such as bathing, as the need arises, spiritual support, and ultimately bereavement counseling. The community health nurse may also be a hospice nurse, however, it is not assumed. The hospice nurse will primarily be concerned with the comfort of the patient, cares for the "whole person" and also provides support for the family (CHP, 2012). Functional…show more content…
Thomas' muscle strength and joint range of motion. This will, in conjunction with pain management, indicate activities in which she is capable of participating. In addition, occupational therapy will be able to show her methods to allow self-care as long she is physically capable, including the use of adaptive equipment as the disease process progresses. A dietician or nutritionist will be able to explain the importance of eating the proper balance of healthy foods and prescribe the appropriate supplements and possibly alternative foods in order to maintain the desired participation in

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