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DF 15 Discuss the impact of Personalized Health and its ability to transform health and the end of illness as we know it. Personalized Health focuses on wellness and disease prevention. A person’s genomic information may help determine a person’s risk of developing several specific medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, obesity and neuropsychiatric diseases. Personalized health gives one the ability to make informed decisions; higher probability of desired outcomes; reduced probability of negative side effects; focus is on prevention and prediction of disease; earlier disease intervention and reduced healthcare costs. (U.S. News, Duke Medicine, 2011- Personalized health helps you take control of your care and become an empowered patient. It gives you the tools to improve your health but it is up to you to use them. (Teng, Kathryn,M.D. 2013). Describe the attributes of emerging technologies we should expect in future nursing education systems: What are these technologies? Are any of the technologies mentioned in your readings in use today? There are many technologies being used today in nursing especially telehealth nursing. Video and personal monitors, that patients at home use. Nurses are able to monitor patient’s health and answer questions via telephone or video monitors. The future is offering radio frequency identification (RFID); medicine cabinet that monitors prescribed medication use and need for supplies. Wristwatch to monitor at home patients on their blood glucose, PH, ECG, BP, Pulse Ox, Carbon Dioxide, electrolytes and temperature. U-Health sensors in chest and leg dressings that send messages to the nurse when it is time to change dressing. (Honey, M et al 2007) Define bioinformatics and describe three implications it has for practice and nursing

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