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According to the case, as a nurse responsible for the patient as a nurse must be aware that Mrs. Flynn has early dementia and must be observed and check for side rails up to prevent fall and injury. Due to the case that Mrs. Flynn falls from the bed and suffer from a bruise on the forehead because of the negligence of one member of the staff responsible for her. Then, when seeing Mrs. Flynn fall down, a nurse must treat the situation quickly, and stay with the patient and call for an assistant nurse to help her and inform the doctor. (Hicks, 2016) In addition, the nurse should assess the patient because she may develop symptoms later that can show serious changes in their state, and assess the pain and conscious level. Although, If the patient…show more content…
Check airway maintenance with C spine protection, a nurse must note the skin color, assess conscious level, and chest movement of the patient if the patient unconscious, the medical team should open the airway by using the jaw-thrust maneuver. 2. Check breathing and ventilation, a nurse I should note if the patient is not breathing, call a hospital emergency code and start CPR. (Trauma) 3. Circulation with hemorrhage, a nurse must assess the level of consciousness, such as the Glasgow coma score and AVPU which are “alert, voice, pain and unresponsive” to control hemorrhage, check the radial and carotid pulses, check for another external bleeding. 4. Disability asses’ neurological status, and Glasgow coma score. 5. Exposure or environment control the nurse should maintain a safe environment to the patient if the patient shows some symptoms or signs of weakness, pain, dizziness or confused and shaking. As prevention to clients, the nurse should stay with the client and provide the blanket to assure that the client feels comfort until the medical staff arrives. Although, make sure to not raise client's head to prevent any head or neck…show more content…
- Checking vital signs which is include the pules, respiration, and blood pressure. - Head to toe examination, a nurse should palpate and visualize for injuries, assess nose, ears, and mouth for bleeding. - Expose the patient, asses five interventions, giving comfort measure, such as control the pain, inspect for any injury. (Rull, 2014) What is your subsequent management of Mrs. Flynn “including assessment, diagnostic procedure, lab tests etc.”? Furthermore, a nurse should perform an assessment to identify if there are any potential risks on Mrs. Flynn, the assessment will include the ABGs, to assess the acid-base balance and oxygenation status of the blood, x-rays because if Mrs. Flynn suffers from persistent pain the nurse should check for any possible fracture. Moreover, Mrs. Flynn suffers from a bruise on the forehead so she needs to do CT scan, MRI to assess for internal bleeding and also, they must perform confusion assessment method, to identify and recognize delirium quickly. (Nurses Learning) (Best practice, 2016) Discuss in detail a legal liability that the nurse might face referring to the ethical

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