Abortion: Genocide Summary

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Abortion Approximately 42 Million abortions occur per year. Abortion comes close to being able to be defined as genocide, however more importantly it is a woman’s right to a safe, legal, and accessible abortion, and is necessary to protect privacy, and women’s health. In the first article, “Abortion Is a Form of Genocide “ Meredith Eugene Hunt explains how our criminal court defines genocide as killing or deliberately harming a national, ethical, racial, or religious group, or people of the group. Abortion does not qualify for one of those categories. However, it does qualify under the French definition. The French definition begins like ours but then goes on to add, or a group determined by any other arbitrary criterion. Hunt points out that a pre-born child is human, and graphic photos are proof to that statement. Meredith Hunt, a pro-life advocate says “… until we have a better word, maybe a new and unique word, abortion remains a crime without a name” (Hunt). Here, Hunt admits that abortion may not be “genocide”, but even so it doesn’t make it any less of a crime. Hunt believes abortion is a form of killing and that it is wrong. An opposite opinion is expressed by M. Lee, and Nancy Sprague, in the article “Abortion is a women’s Health Issue and…show more content…
"Abortion Is a Women's Health Issue and Should Be a Constitutional Right." Points of View: Abortion. Great Neck, 2011. 2. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 26 Oct. 2012. The article argues that abortion is a right that should be protected and should be considered as a public health concern in the U.S. It claims that women should have the right to decide if they will bring a pregnancy to term and should be given the right to a safe, legal and accessible abortion. It adds that educating the public about family planning and providing accessible contraceptives are effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Information on the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade is also
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