Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Courtney Stansberry
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V
August 25, 2013

Health promotion is at the fore front of healthcare today. As nurses we need to be able to assess families and educated them appropriately to help prevent illness and disease or prevent them from getting any worse. Gordon’s functional health patterns are used by nurses as a foundation to assess an individual or family that will help a nurse identify lifestyle patterns. “In addition to providing a framework to assess individuals, families, and communities holistically, functional health patterns provide a strong focus for more effective nursing interventions and outcomes” (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). This stronger focus helps to enable the nurse to make more educated decision on what to focus on with an individual or family and prioritize so that the family is not overwhelmed. When a nurse is assessing a family it is important to look at the individuals’ health and developmental stage and how it affects the family as a whole. This paper will show how using Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns is a useful tool in assessing a family. The family interviewed consist of a 31 year old husband with a Hispanic background that is a P.E. teacher and a 30 year old wife with an African American background that is a critical care R.N. This couple is trying to add to their family by having kids. A brief summary of the findings for each health pattern will be discussed. From this information, two nursing wellness diagnoses will be developed.
Health Perception and Health Management The family identified health meaning how well you are. In the husbands eyes being well is how good you feel. The wife believes being well is absent of disease and living a healthy lifestyle. They both eat healthy and exercise to stay healthy. Both husband and wife have a primary physician that

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