Health Care Marketing Analysis

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Health Care Marketing Analysis Shanita V. Brown HCS/539 May 27, 2013 Thomas Sloan Health Care Marketing Analysis “The health marketing mix is vital for a successful health promotion campaign (Pralea pg. 43).” In the health care system today, the marketing mix generally is based on the four P’s known as product, price, place and promotion. The product is concrete and solid products and services. The product is the actual physical item. Pricing is based on being able to price the products at a rate in which customers are willing to pay. This means being aware of supply and demand. Place which also means distribution. Placement is how the products are delivered to the customers. Promotion is the communication in which the hospital uses to bring a positive response from customers. The four P’s are vital in marketing of health care. The four P’s are what guarantees the hospital’s overall success. This can be proven by looking at the marketing mix of Piedmont Henry Hospital in McDonough, Georgia. Product As stated above, the product is the physical products and services in which the hospital provides. Products and services are important to hospital because should cater to the target customers. The product is considered the “platform” of the marketing plan, according to Pralea. Decisions about products and services in a health care facility may involve brand name, functionality, quality, safety, packaging, and repairs and support. Every hospital does not provide all services. Some hospitals are geared towards trauma, some are teaching hospitals/universities, and others provide specialty services such as Surgery, Radiology, Urology and Oncology. Piedmont Henry Hospital provides a wide variety of different services and specialties. Some of these services and specialties include Heart, Cancer, Transplant, Neurology, and Women’s, Brain Tumor, and Emergency services
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