Health and Social Care Level 3

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QUESTION- ( 1.1 ) Identify the different reasons people communicate. ANSWER • To express people’s feelings to share ideas and information; to reassure; to build relationships; to ask question; to share experiences and socialize. • People communicate in order to establish and maintain relationships with others, to give and receive information and instructions, to understand and be understood, to share opinions, knowledge, feelings, emotions, to give encouragement and show others they are valued. • Communication is an essential tool a carer can use to meet the needs of children. It is a basic requirement to communicate with individuals and their families, other members of staff on a daily basis. • Individuals communicate with carers to express their needs and preferences and to ensure they are met. Continue on a separate page if necessary... QUESTION- ( 1.2 ) Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting. ANSWER Communication affects relationship in many ways in the work setting. Example o Colleagues o Managers o Supervisors o Parents of the child and the child Effective communication is a two way process. The person communicating has to send a clear message to the responding party the message must be understood correctly to have a response Communication can be in the way of o Text messages and vocal o Email alerts o Telephone o Written notes Communication is very important in the work setting it is essential to establish good relationship with a range of people. Practioners who have a good communications skills are likely to have a strong relationships with children, parents and
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