Han Vs Roman

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During the era of classical civilizations, the Han dynasty and the Roman civilization were among the most important forces in the world. These two civilizations had large influences on the world and had elaborate views on various advancements like in politics, art, and religion. However, one of the most important advancements that both civilizations embraced was technology. Within these civilizations, many people had different attitudes toward technology. Roman and Han dynasties had different attitudes of technology even if they were both self glorifying. The Han focused more on the technology for the good of its people meanwhile Romans focused more on scientific and mathematic advancements, looking down upon the laboring tools-related inventions that were appreciated by the Hans. Overall they had different perspectives. The Han people had a respectful appreciation for technology and it's "benefits" (Doc 3) and "efficiency" (Doc 3). The Hans had discovered the benefits of technology from as early as “early second century B.C.E” (Doc 1), understanding that it could help later develop their own nation. Technology was used in order to “save common people’s labor” (Doc 4) which lead to many inventions of useful tools such as the “pestle and the mortar” (Doc 3) and the “water-powered blowing-engine” (Doc 4). Even though most of the documents were written by upper-class Chinese philosophers and government officials, they still understood thenecessity of technology in order to increase productivity “a hundredfold” (Doc 3). Hans accepted technology and their dependency on it during times such as when needing to establish “water conservation officies” (Doc 1). According to Document 1 the government official who wrote it wanted to prevent the flood with the establishment of water conversation offices. This document showed that the government wanted to help and make
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