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Dbq Ap World History 6/7 Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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DBQ #1

I know that Han political leaders, such as Tu Shih, believed in helping citizens with labor efforts by implementing new agricultural technology but, Roman political leaders believed in hiring workers for work ethic over skill and believed in constructing paved roads that were high quality to promote trade and expansion.

Document 3 states “Tu Shih loved the common people and wished to save their labor. He invented the water powered blowing-engine for casting agricultural implements allowing people to enjoy the benefit in little labor.” This clearly shows that Tu Shih, the governor of Nanyang, believes that by giving agriculturalists tools to help them become more efficient they will like him as a governor even more and create higher quality products because they will have more time to focus on creating goods. This supports my thesis that political leaders in the Han dynasty believed in helping citizens   with labor and implementing new agricultural technology because it shows that even the highest in political rankings were producing ways to help everyday laborers and contributing to their economy.

Document 6 states that Roman political elite Gaius Gracchus “Was especially anxious about road building, paying attention to utility as well as to that which was beneficial to grace and beauty.” This document says nothing about how workers were treated if they were paid, or even well maintained. This supports my thesis because it clearly shows that the leader had no intensions of making sure laborers were well cared for, but was more concerned the image of himself and his empire. A document that would help me further my analysis would be from the point of view of an everyday laborer under the rule of Gaius Gracchus because It would explain how they were treated and if they were properly cared for and maintained.

Documents 2, 3, and 4 discuss the topic of newly implemented tools and how they benefited the public and documents 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 discuss...

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