Inventions, Discoveries, and Weapons of the Renaissance Period

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During the Renaissance, there were many scientific advances and discoveries. Weapons and armory also improved to help soldiers fight. The Renaissance Period started around the fourteenth century and ended around the beginning of the seventeenth century. New information was rediscovered by Christian scholars due to the growth of trade and crusades (Centers of Inventions ?). The West learned many things from Arabian thinkers who had a much greater level of scientific success. Arabian astronomers invented instruments that used the stars to determine the absolute direction. They also made advance in chemistry and developed trigonometry and algebra (Chaddock 1). Many people during the Renaissance believed that science could explain the world better than any other way (Chaddock 2). Some humanist believed that after the Fall of Adam, God left the world incomplete and man had to restore his work. They believed that they should use their knowledge to restore nature and improve the human race (Olson 1). There were many important discoveries made during the Renaissance period. One important discovery was the discovery of America in 1492 which revealed new plants, animals, and people. This discovery made people want to learn more about their world (Centers of Inventions ?). Alchemy and astronomy were just a few of the arts that intrigued many scientists. Alchemy originally started in Islam and it was the act of turning a lesser substance, like lead, into a greater substance, like gold. Most alchemists believed that nature was alive and that everything that is of great value grew naturally from something that was valueless. It was the alchemist’s job to shorten the natural growth by changing the traits of the substance. Today, the processes that alchemist used are now known as chemical reaction, distillation, dissolution, and other terms and methods. The
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