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Sangah Kwak AP World Mr. Costigan 31 October 2012 AP World History DBQ Thesis Han’s attitude toward labor and manufacturing was more lenient and acceptable than the Romans who had a more negative and uncertain view, therefore causing a general attitude of labor and technology to be positive. The Han government official of the Han Dynasty in the 2nd century B.C.E says that technology is an advantage towards the government, the people, and empire which results in the invention of the aqueducts and other engineering needs. The Han government official explains that technology is beneficial because it is a key to the regulation of the government, it is an essential part of the empire, and requires government intervention. (D#1) The Han government official, Huan Guan, in the 1st century B.C.E, illustrates that the government developed sub-standard tools because of monopolies and explains that a strong government should adjust the situation. Huan Guan says that technology is an essential part of peasant production and the government is responsible for its suppor. Huan Guan explains the Confucian Han perspective that technology is advantageous while the government uses it to benefit its people. The use of poor quality tools do not give much help and give a negative reputation towards the government. (D#2) Huan Tan, upper-class Han philosopher in 20 C.E, illustrates that Fuxi, a mythological wise emperor invented the pestle and mortar. Huan Tan says that technology is sent as a “gift” from enlightened emperors, Confucian benevolence is involved through the progress. Huan Tan explains that Fuxi is the mythical emperor who invented the pestle and mortar. The progress of technology arrived shortly after his first invention. (D#3) Tu Shih, appointed governor of Nanyang in 200 C.E, illustrates that he was a gentle man with simple rules who eradicated all evil and brought

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