Haitian and French Revolution Comparison

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Andrew O’Buckley Period 6 Mr. Symons APWH 10.09.2014 In the 18th century, two European revolutions, the French and Haitian revolutions, were both very influential and important to Europe’s history. Both had many problems pre-revolution with social inequality. On the other hand, the way in which they overthrew their governments was very different, as well as their economic state. A similarity between the Haitian revolution and the French revolution is how both events occurred due to social inequality. The French had started to heavily tax the commoners, or third estate, because the clergy and elites were exempt of all or most taxes. Also, the third estate would never be able to go into the second or first estate, so there was no way of advancing in society. Similarly in Haiti, no class would be able to move up to another class unless a slave was freed, or was to buy his/her freedom. Also, most of the population consisted of slaves, while the rest were either freed slaves or white Europeans. This social and population imbalance led to thoughts of revolution, which later became a reality for these nations. A clear difference between the two revolutions is how they were able to overthrow their governments. In France’s case, the third estate had built up so much anger due to over taxation, along with not having the ability to move up in social class, even if they became successful and rich. They overthrew their governments with riots and battles that ultimately led to the downfall of the French government. Haiti on the other hand had a little help from their friends. Haiti would have never won their revolution if it hadn’t been for the mosquito. These insects carried diseases, which the slaves were immune to, while the French soldiers were not. This immobilized foreign soldiers and prohibited them from fighting. The reason the French rebels having to
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