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Radical Nature Of The French Revolution Upto 1791 Essay

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  • on July 17, 2011
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In just a time span of two years, France overcame a developing idea of equality and impartiality. The idea of France continuing to be ruled by an absolute monarchy was becoming questioned by the third estate (the bourgeoisie, sans culottes and peasants), and soon enough, the social order of France turned to an extreme outburst of the third estate fighting for power, claiming rights, and ultimately, the removal of the King’s authority and dominance. Many events that occurred in the lead up to 1791 changed the French society drastically, however some did not benefit at all. Wether the events were immense or minor, they all led to the biggest change France was yet to see, The French Revolution.
What started the idea of a revolution was an intellectual movement suggesting that making use of science, technology and reason could make a new and better society. This was known as the Enlightenment Period. The citizens of the third estate began to question why they were subject to despotism and political, civil, legal and employment equality. Without their obedience, would the King still have as much power? These ideas and questionings staged the fight for equality from the third estate, with the help of the social elites (Jean-Jacques Rousseau) that contributed to the break down of the social order.  
One of the most effective events that occurred to lead up of the revolution was the formation of the Estates General. Under Louis XV, France became bankrupt due to heavy borrowing and could not cover the costs to run the country, so the King called a meeting of representatives of the three social classes of France. The calling of the Estates General required the electing of two deputies and the drawing up dossiers of grievances to be presented at the meeting at Versailles. These “grievances” however, were not demands, but respectful statements of concerns to the King. This seemed like an effective event because it...

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