The Brazilian Revolution vs. the Hawaian Revolution

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Political, economic, and social conditions lead to the idea of revolution spreading worldwide during the first global age. The Haitian and Brazilian Revolutions were both successful to an extent because both led to independence. The Brazilian Revolution was more successful in achieving their goals because they had no bloodshed and the Haitian Revolution did. Both the Haitian Revolution and the Brazilian Revolution overcame political, social, and economic hardships to become independent and successful. In the Haitian Revolution was successful in many different ways, that may be why they accomplished their goal and gained independence. The pie chart portrays that the relationship between population by estate and land ownership by estate, this heavily favored the first and second estate (Doc. 2). This led for a revolt which was called the French Revolution. This pie chart can be similar to the Haitian Revolution because the Haitian slaves revolted against their masters because of bad treatment which was a social condition of this revolution. The political cartoon shows that despite the first and second estates power they were scared of the third estate because they were overly outnumbered (Doc. 3). This document also lead to the French Revolution, and also can be compared to the Haitian Revolution. It can be related to the Haitian Revolution because the masters of the slaves and political figures were scared to get overthrown by the slaves, they also treated them harshly, and they arrested Toussaint L'Ouverture who was the leader of the revolt and freed slaves. This illustrates the political condition that the Haitian slaves had to overcome. In the economic aspect it went tumbling down because of the weapons for the war effort. In contrast to the Brazilian Revolution the Haitian Revolution was not as successful. The Brazilian Revolution was successful
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