What Caused The French Revolution

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What Caused The French Revolution? The French revolution was caused by a number of wrong decisions. The kings and queen’s personality and mistakes contributed enormously to the outbreak of the French revolution in 1789.In this essay I will attempt to answer the question ‘What caused the French Revolution’. The French Revolution was a period of radical change, specifically in the areas of government and the economy. Not all social classes (estates) agreed on the decisions that were taking place at that point in time, some gained and some lost. There were a number of economic problems which helped cause the French Revolution. This produced a huge deal of offence between associates of the third estate who were outraged about the divide between the rich and broke and were likely to demand a transformation. The reality that the greater part of the French population famished also meant that they were likely to fight back. The king and queen played a big part in the outbreak of the revolution. Louis started of as a very popular king. Within 10 years he and his queen were hated. Louis XVI became king in 1774. Four years earlier he married a very beautiful Austrian lady named ‘Marie Antoinette’. They had 3 off springs who were called; Charles, Louis and a daughter named Marie Theresa. Marie Antoinette was no help for her husband or his ministers for that matter. She was vain, extravagant and interfering. By 1788 she became the most hated queen in the history of France. Many people say that she was a gambler and very horny. People say that she would hold orgies in the gardens of Versailles. Louis was to dull to provide the leadership that France needed. His Austrian wife was certainly no help to his reign over France. Many citizens of France wanted him of the throne which he disagreed with. This motive of why the French wanted to rebel. There were a number of
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