Gunner Palace Reflection

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Matt Naddaff Gunner Palace Reflection When I think of Gunner Palace I feel sympathy, and admiration. I feel Sympathetic because of the chance that at any moment all of them could lose their lives. This also leads to admiration because of their courage. I also admire how they are all making the best out the situation they are put in. There are jokes and high sprits’ in time where being positive in my mind would be extremely difficult. Towards the end of the documentary when two soldiers died was the hardest part to go through as a viewer. The reason for this sprits were low, and it started going to 1 on 1 interviews and it lets us see these guys in a serious mode talking about how they feel about war, and how hard it is to think about someone losing their child. When they made this film I think they were trying to give citizens of America a view on what it is like being in a platoon in Iraq. The relationships that are developed, and the way these people handle the risk, and adversity. To let everyone know when you’re having a bad day think about the hell these soldiers are going through. The things I see between Gunner Palace and The Things They Carried are that both take place in a controversial war. Both also take place in countries with civilians that hate our American soldiers and don’t even want them there in the first place. They also took place in foreign environments for Americans a Desert in Iraq, and a jungle in Vietnam. Spc. Stuart Wilf has a great sense of humor. This is about the only similarities I could tell me and he had. We both grew up in different environments, and had different opportunities. I don’t see much connection between Wilf and soldiers from the things they carried because one Wilf wanted to be there, and two Wilf wasn’t nearly as unstable as some of the soldiers and didn’t do sick things like tie a puppy to a

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