Comment on Margaret Atwood: Letter to America

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Let me start off by saying that this lady is not making America look bad, just our current president. She romanticizes about the good-ole-days when the nation watched Leave it to Beaver, and danced to Frank Sinatra. She goes off on this rant about how she danced to the Andrews sisters and listened to Jack Benny on the radio (565-566). Oh and we are such environmentalists, tree-hugging is our specialty because of course, we Americans always know what the world needs to be even better, we are the examples (566). This is my letter to Margaret Atwood. It's not like we were always some innocent bystander on the globe, we picked on people. I do not like this romantic idea you are trying to compare our current situation to. We jumped into another war, at the time we jumped in, it was favored amongst a huge majority of the country. We were scared and wanted to prove that we were still fierce. Well, just like any war, we as human beings get tired of the fighting and realize the problems tied along with them. But do not tell me that we have fallen off the moral wagon with this one war, this one invasion, because we fell off the wagon many years ago and have been trying to catch up with it ever since. You are nothing but an onlooker, you do not know how all of this affects us, and by reminding us about it with your comments about our Constitution being "gutted" (567), please do not put your two-cents into this, we have to deal with our mistakes ourselves without some other person complaining about

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