Motivation for Military Intervention

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------------------------------------------------- Written assignment 9 1. The outline The first text is an autobiographical text from 2010, by Sarah Palin. It is about how her firstborn son “Track,” signed up for the military. But she is also talking a lot about which motives the young generation of the United States America has for going to war. She says, that it is because they want to fight for their freedom, and because they want a world that is safe and welcoming for everyone. The second text is an article from The Boston Globe website 2008, about a sergeant called Ryan Kahlor, who returned from two combat tours in Iraq, 2007. When he returned, the war in Iraq had left some serious marks. He suffered from “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, a reputed disk and some headaches. But the article is also affecting the family as well, because they need to mentally recover the family member, which can be very physical and emotional hard to do. Ryan and his family is sure that war is a bad thing, and encourage the government to stop assigning people, to fight for the country, in military interventions. The third and last text is an Internet review of the book “The Making of a Marine Officer” by Joel Pitney. The text is focusing on all the good things the military brings, witch people according to Joel Pitney, have forgotten about. Lieutenant Fick, the author of the book “One bullet away: the making of a good officer”, has been to war, and thinks that the most important thing about the military is, that the war and the training before the war are teaching you about honor, courage, brotherhood and commitment. Things that is very important to become a good citizen. 2. How does Sarah Palin engage the reader? Sarah Palin is trying to unite the reader and her self, by using “we”, a lot of times. This is very important, because she was the vice president

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