Wilfred Owen Exposure

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not at all good In this essay I will be talking about Wilfred Owens poem exposure. Wilfred Owen was born on the 18 March 1893 in Oswestry and died on 4 November 1918 during his life Owen was a teaching assistant and a solider, one of Owens poem is exposure. Exposure is about how the bad weather and government propaganda is exposed. In his poem Wilfred Owen has showed hatred through many of his techniques some of the techniques I will be showing are repetition, rhetorical questions and simile. The first technique that I will be discussing is rhetorical question. A rhetorical question is a question asked for effect that neither expects nor requires an answer in the poem Exposure there two rhetorical questions and they both go back to Owens hatred of war the first quote is “what are we doing here?” even though the soldiers know they are here to fight for the war they have started to question it due to the fact that they are now facing a new war on which they dislike very much, this new war is the war against the weather the other rhetorical question is “is it that we are dying? ” during the war the soldiers wanted out of the war so badly the wanted to die. The hatred they felt for he war was flowing through there veins “but nothing happened” they were freezing cold and getting shot at by the enemy who would not want out of that? The next technique that I will be showing is repetition. Repetition is when something is repeated to give a much stronger affect, throughout this poem Wilfred Owen repeats that he hates the war due to the weather and the lies they were fed about war. I am going to talk about is “but nothing happens” in this poem this quote comes in four times in stanzas one, three, four and eight. The hatred in this quote is that they are waiting for the government to come and collect them, they are waiting for the bad weather to end but most of all
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