Compare And Contrast Essay On George Orwell's '1984'

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Sebastian Laszcz English III Pd.3 December 15, 2011 600 words Who is the government really looking out for? According to an article from, the proportion of people that initially said that the decision to go to war was wrong has risen since 2007. Also, war can show how disconnected the government is with society because they never want to tell society what is really happening. All we know is that we have men and women risking there lives for God knows what reason, just because the government thinks that there is an actual issue to have a war over. This is just one reason why the government is disconnected from society today. Another reason is the conspiracy that they listen in on our conversations, this shows how much…show more content…
Society dos not want to be lied to, all they want is the true facts and actual reason behind the wars we send our soldiers into. Like in George Orwell’s, 1984, there is a war going on between Oceania and Eurasia, it is later depicted that it is between Oceania and Eastasia. Nobody in Oceania knows who they are actually fighting. This enhances the idea that the government in society today doesn’t want to give the real reason why they go to war with another country. This disconnection between the government and society shouldn’t be happening because we should know why we have to send our loved ones out to another country to fight for a “cause” that the government thinks is right. Next to war is the conspiracy that the government is tapping our phones and listening in to our conversations. If this is true the thought of this being an attempt of protecting is a bit crazy. For instance, 1984, the main character Winston says that everyone is being watched through a television kind of thing and that they cant commit thought crimes. Thought crimes being bad thoughts about the government or Big Brother. This shows how in the novel the government isn’t giving anyone privacy, so to say, because they know what your thinking and if its bad thoughts about the government you get

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