Impact of War on Families

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Impact of War on Families Throughout history wars have contributed to cultural, political, and social diversities within a country. However the impact of war on the common veteran families is perhaps the most destructive fact of a war. Families have to cope with emotional stress that comes with having a loved one either in training or off at war. Most American families, that have a loved one that is or has been in battle, lose certain aspects of daily life due to their loved one either being wounded at war or emotional scared by the terrors of war. This possible physical and mental trauma that occurs in most cases of war veterans causes families to deteriate. A main factor of this is the financial responsibility that can be produced from trauma. Wars also have the ability to separate families by their ideology of the war. However some people may argue that the political or physical impact on a country is far greater than that in which is on families, because it’s on a larger scale. But yet families are the building block of a country such as cells are the building blocks of life. Without functional families a country cannot properly function in the world. The absence of a loved one can be extremely influential on a family’s emotional state of being. Just to go off to training a soldier would be gone for 6 months to a year depending on the type of military training they are attempting to complete. Often the only communication with the family is through letters. In fact a student here at PHS has a brother that is at boot camp for the US Navy. She states, “Its hard for me to stay in contact with him and I miss him soo much. My entire family misses him and he won’t be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.” Without communication with a loved one a family can feel departed with this loved one. Most American families have to cope with these same issues before their loved

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