Gun Control Persuasive/Arguementative Essay

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Gun Control Persuasive Essay A shot is fired in the city streets and the cries of the helpless, hopeless and innocent go unheard. Once the sound of security, the voice of authority, has become the dark and blood curdling echo of a demon, one that we as a nation have created and if not controlled, will ultimately spiral into the highest handgun crime rate of teenagers, ever recorded(It is not about guns anymore it is about, maintaining control, protecting the well being of the youth and innocent of this country by making well educated decisions to maintain order. Lets talk about America, Canada’s neighbors’ to the south, the voice of democracy, a country who is depicted as the land of the free and a home to the brave. Americans, not much different than Canadians, love and care about family, go to work in order to pay bills and want the protection of their rights and freedoms that were passed down by the founding fathers of their great nation. So I pose the question, what makes Canadians so different, and why does Canada have far fewer deaths by the gun, despite over 1.8 million registered gun owners?1 This issue stands out like a sore thumb, but I believe I know what separates Canada from the United States of America, the fact that America is a nation that is shrouded in deception and run by leaders that instill fear. “The Canadians weren't being pumped full of fear.”2 Canada (although far from perfect) believes in standing up for not only the needs of the many, but the needs of the few. Canada is a country that settles its problems by debating, instead of killing the innocent and creating fear in the hearts of our people. “The American people are conditioned by network TV, by local news, to believe that their communities are much more dangerous than they actually are.”3 Fear has created guns, guns create violence, violence creates death, and
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