Gun Control: Law Abiding Citizens

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GUN CONTROL Gun Control would take away the right to protect individuals and families from criminals and intruders. Gun control was introduced through the Brady Law which was signed into law in 1994 by President Bill Clinton. Gun Control will take guns from the laws abiding citizens that needed the Guns, Criminal were still able to get the guns and lastly guns keep in homes or on the Person help to keep them from harm by criminals and others attackers. There are people that believed that if there were less guns then the violence would be significantly lower. These kinds of thinking can be very costly if it were to be forced upon on Law abiding citizens. And as each person grow and become an adult who are responsible for oneself, family and others. Then it is the duty to be more responsible about what action and decision it may cost in the end. Being a mature adult and law abiding citizen is about responsible, respecting and caring for each other. So, “Respect is to be given and to be reveived back in return, Respect.” As law…show more content…
The criminals will not hesitate to bring harm or death. This is where owning and having a gun is mandatory. This law was design to keep gun away from criminals but it keep guns at least temporary from the law abiding citizen. This is just one of the many reasons I am against Gun control. The proponents for banning guns, and the defensive use of a gun, cannot show any proof of taking banning guns will slow the crime rate with tighter gun laws. I’m all for strict and tough enforcement of gun laws that prohibit criminals from using them in the commission of a crime (cite, Blanks 1990) Because if they (criminals) feel they can take advantage of individuals or families who are consider unarmed. These are individual and families are easy prey for them. The criminals will not hesitate to harm or
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