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Growth Strategy of Nokia Established in the earlier claims, Nokia is a well-known brand, possibly one of the most recognisable names in the mobile phone industry. However, the presence of competitors tends to pose a consistent threat to their overall market share. Thus, Nokia is not exempt in finding a way to leverage their assets and existing people to sustain a consistent trend of growth and development. The following highlights the proposed growth strategy of Nokia in China. Integration of Human, Technology and Process Nokia realises that its three main assets lies with its people, its technology, and the processes that they possess. This basically points to the fact that Nokia is involved in an industry where companies have to deal with rapid growth rates. This means that they have to develop a means to promote business development by maximising the assets which they possess. In addition, the end-users of Nokia products are not the sole consumers of the company. Distributors, direct sellers and sales managers are also considered as a major contributor to the overall sales of Nokia. Thus, they should also be treated as customers. Development and growth is ensured provided that Nokia applies advanced processes like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other reinforcement implements. (Hayes 2006) Placing Value in Sales The modern consumer is wise; at least that’s what Nokia have to presuppose in order to make the most of the market. Nowadays, manipulative and scheming marketing techniques may not work as effectively as before. Nokia thus have to establish a means to add value on their product as perceived not only by their consumers but also by their overall stakeholders. Quite frankly, the items sold under the Nokia brand name do not come cheap. Hence, selling of their products should be based primarily on a value-based approach. (Fletcher

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