Growth of Apple Inc.

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Essay Outline I. Intro A) The Voyage of Apple Inc. 1) How it started off 2) How it is currently 3) What’s Apple Inc. future plans B) Major Breakthrough by Apple Inc. 1) Pioneering IT technology 2) Relentless research and development II. Products by Apple Inc. A) Products Apple Inc. Started off with 1) Apple I personal kit 2) Apple II B) Products that got the world’s attention (current) . 1) The IPhone’s 2) The MacBook’s 3) The I-Pad’s C) Products Apple has to offer in the future 1) The IPhone 6 2) New Mac books 3) New Ipads III. Profits of Apple Inc. A) Profits made at earlier stages 1) Invention of new products 2) The demand of the products B) Profits made currently 1) Profits made by current products 2) Profits made by demand of the products C) Profits in the future 1) Estimation of profits 2) New products IV. Global Reach A) Apple’s reach at earlier ages 1) Only in Virginia , California 2) Only U.S based B) Apple’s Global reach currently 1) How many countries it is established in today 2) The Availability of Apple products in the world C) Global Reach in the future 1) Expansions in different regions 2) Increase of Apple Consumers in different regions. V. Trends A) The Innovation of new Products 1) How new Products were invented 2) Reason to continue in the invention of new products B) Profits made over the years 1) Profits made by global expansion 2) Profits made by various new products C) Global Reach 1) Reasons to expansion of global reach 2) Increase of Apple consumers VI. Conclusion

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