Gourmet to Go

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1) What is the nature of the product and its characteristics? The nature of the product is about grocery marketing. The product is a combination of menu planning and grocery delivery which has a complete package of groceries and recipes for a week’s meals is delivered to a customer’s door. The product consists of meal-planning and grocery shopping services.The criteria for the meal packages will be balanced nutrition, easy preparation, and premium quality. 2) What is the nature of the competitive environment? The closest competitors for Gourmet to Go would be the grocery stores and restaurants with delivery services. On the 660 grocery stores in the Tulsa/Tulsa County region, only two offer delivery service. However they offer higher priced and do not offer meal planning. Therefore Gourmet to Go would not have a direct competition with others restaurant. 3) Because of the newness of the product, the promotion and advertising will be essential at start-up. Analyze the marketing strategy in terms of sufficiency for a new product. The marketing strategy would be on advertisement that includes newspaper advertisement, radio spots, an Internet Web page and direct-mail brochures. But for start-up, an intense campaign will be done for announcing a revolution in grocery shopping. At start-up, the newspaper advertisement will have evolved into actually introducing the product, and radio spots will begin as well. Newspaper advertisement also will be aimed to the target market by placing it in the entertainment and business sections. And since the product is still new, the possibly can have an interviews with the newspaper and obtain free publicity. 4) What problems might be anticipated with the product? How could these problems be minimized? The problems that might be anticipated are the future growth whether it shows good or bad performance. Every
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