Kudler Fine Foods Merger Strategy

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Kudler Fine Foods is continuing to offer more food products for its consumer. The company is also considering opening up some other branches in various states to increase its profitability. Kudler Fine Foods is also looking for new methods of retaining and attracting more customers to purchase its products. There are two opportunities Kudler Fine Food market can advance to. The company is facing stiff completion from other new entrants in the field of foods and as such, it will need to work extra harder in order to deal with the competition. The landscape within the market is also not all that conducive for Kudler Fine Foods. The company also lacks the required funds to enable it to expand to greater geographical locations. One, they can acquire another company in the same industry. Second, they can merge with another organization. They can acquire another company in the same industry The Company can acquire another company in the same industry provided the company has sound financial base. The Company can acquire another Company in order to eliminate the competition in the market. If the Company goes for expansion of existing manufacturing facility instead of acquisition, then all the facilities needed for manufacturing operation like plant and machinery,…show more content…
Both companies can reap the benefit of large production resulting in high level of economies of scale and the profitability and growth rate will be high. All the existing distribution facility used by both the firms can be combined to achieve the greater result in the market. By merger, the company can also explore the foreign market. Merger will lead to high financial liquidity that will end in distribution of new assets for inquiry and advancement will eventually result in an increase of value completed product offered to the

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