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Running head: PERSONAL VALUES Personal Values Au'Shaunte' S. Watts University of Phoenix MGT521 Management Matthew Handlon Personal Values, Workshop #6, Due September 30, 2008 September 30, 2008 Abstract In this paper, the writer will give her personal value of herself what she values and how she view and understand ethics from the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment, she will then explore Kudler’s Gourmet Foods from last weeks assignment and give her opinion of what she believe Kathy valued within her management of her organization. Once she has completed that task, she will compare her personal values to that of Kudler’s Gourmet Food and see what differences there may be and how she can…show more content…
As an owner, Kathy had an idea of how customers would respond to her customer service because Kathy knew how she wanted to be treated as a customer. Kathy was a patron of other business, she knew how she wanted to be treated and she knew what worked for her so she implemented ethics throughout her organization, which is why she was so well admired by her customers. The areas where she mostly displayed ethical conduct within her organization were in the customer service. Kathy made her customers feel as though they were apart of the organization by ordering food items that they wanted and many other…show more content…
In order to share helpful advice about Kudler’s Gourmet Food and what the writer would do if she could utilize her skills towards assisting with the growth. The writer has decided that she would change her business practices. Instead of dealing in perishable goods, the writer would make it so those perishables were not the only thing that were selling, and that each item within the store had some significant value to the homeowner. The best way to do this would be to have taste testers and give-away items so that the customers could experience first-hand other items besides those they are so familiar

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