Walgreens Space Matrix

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Space Matrix The Space Matrix indicates that Walgreens is in a very good position going upwards towards a more aggressive approach but is also on the side of competitive. Moving the company down a few notches to still maintain its aggressive approach while also allowing for the company to be more competitive in different market segments is something that Walgreens needs to address. According to the Space Matrix Walgreens needs to focus on its aggressiveness this would entail opening more stores in areas surrounding by competitors which would in theory kill two birds with one stone. However the biggest issue that Walgreens faces is coming up with a product that will be more competitive. This could come in the form of lowering prescription prices or increasing the rewards program to include other products. Incorporation of gas services would also provide a competitive edge in some regard because other stores like CVS do not have that option. Walgreens must be more competitive with stores such as Walmart and Target which offer a wider selection of merchandise while also have pharmacy services. Incorporation of Walgreens into grocery store chains forming a partnership would also allow for a more competitive edge. Foreign market shares are something else that can benefit Walgreens in the long run because global expansion can yield for a better competitive edge in the long run also given that the nature of Walgreens according to the Space Matrix is that they are aggressive a hard push into other countries would be an ideal situation. Another way for the company to be more competitive is to incorporate a better employee hiring structure and pay scale to encourage the limited number of Pharmacists to want to join and be a part of the company this would then increase the competition to hire new pharmacists because the working conditions would be better at Walgreens and
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