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Gospel Essentials There are different types of views on the religious aspects during this time period. There are so many religious that are available for people to choose. It come to how we was raised and the views we have come crossed. The different types of views that are around us can persuade us and impact on our beliefs and how we live our everyday life. The environment and our surroundings also have the effect on us as well. In the Christianity the views are wide in range but they are much the same. They have a good understanding on who is God, Jesus, and humanity. God wants to have wisdom and knowledge about him and our surroundings. The way that the Christian learn and understand about God is reading the Bible, experiences of what…show more content…
Every person has to ask people through experiences of what they witness and what they believe. He is written in the Bible that God created the earth and filled it in days. God says “He is pleased” (Genesis 1) God was pleased of what he has done and he created everything in his image. He also wanted everything to be perfect and with greatness. God made man from the earth so he can work the land. Soon after he made man he made him a woman from his rib to help him. In the textbook it says that. “The character and nature of God is the cento of the Christian worldview, and as it has been said, the fear of the Lord is the Knowledge of God. God wanted us to love him but also want us to fear him as well. Christians believe that God is the father of creation and Kings of Kings. Christians would explain the characteristics different because of the opinions and views that they have. As a Christian I view God as loving, mercy, and forgiving. He loves us just as much as he love his only son. He gave us his son to die for our sins. God gives us mercy because he is gentle with us. He forgives us because whenever we sin or do something wrong. The Christians believe that when they repent or say that they are sorry that is when God forgives them. According to Christians that is valued in their beliefs. God intended for us to be like him in our lives. God did not intend for his people to hurt or suffer. God shows…show more content…
God would like for us to not to sin and love one another just like He love his son. In these days of time it is hard for a Christian to live Christ like. There are so much trouble and different views that surround us. There are different views in our family and work. It do seems like everywhere we turn there is a different view or opinion of who and what we should put our faith. It is up to the person to believe and have faith in God. It is important to surround ourselves with other Christians that hold the same values as God do. Christians do love one another just as Jesus loves us. God would like for us to help those who is in need. The human purpose is to continue of what Jesus has started. Jesus spread the gospel and so should we. Tell the people how much God loves us and will want to see us in heaven. It says in a Christian article that “As a Christian it is very important to be an evangelist on an utmost believe in the oneness of God Almighty.” (Christian Worldview 2012) The only way to get to heaven in through Jesus. The problem that people face today is sin that was created through Adam and Eve. It more sin now then it was then but it was also the same. It surround us in everywhere we

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