Judaism, Christianity And Islam Monotheistic Religion

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There are vast arrays of religions around the world. Monotheism is a Greek word which means “single god”, is renowned in Judaism, Christianity and Islam religions. There are quite a few similarities in Judaism, Christianity and Islam religion. Monotheism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are considered monotheistic religions for the reason that they believe in one God. The singleness and agreement of God was greatly emphasized by the Jews and Muslims. However, Christians’ pronouncement of the singleness of God is most of the times misunderstood, for the reason that Christians believe in the Holy Trinity which doesn’t show defiance of monotheism but a declaration of the involvedness of the Divine Being. These three religions consider God as the beginning and cause of everything we see around us. They also believe that God is a caring God that is concern to all human beings. God is morally correct and has given us commandments that will help all of us live in a life that is according to his likeness. God is compassionate that he always welcomes us in his kingdom even if we have sinned. Human Beings are Abraham’s Children Judaism, Christianity, and Islam strongly believed that human beings are the highest creature that God has created on earth. Abraham is our father. God has created us in his own likeness which is unique and capable of both good and evil. When we do good deeds, we live by God’s words. When we do bad deeds, we are against God. When we follow the commandments we obey God and become what He wants us to be. God accepts us even if we have sinned against him by repenting and doing good deeds. Our commitment, adoration and respect we owe it all to God. The Forthcoming It doesn’t matter how complicated past and present may possibly be, because the three religions are optimistic about the future. They believe that evil and suffering will not rule

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