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Aderson Morne Professor Black English 101 23 January 2013 Characteristics of a Good Parent Parents play an important role in the lives of their children. This is why parents need to have the right characteristics to become a good parent. To be a successful parent they need characteristics that are positive so that they can influence their children the right ways. If the parent fails to have the qualities and characteristics needed to become a good parent then they won’t influence their children the right way. Without the right influence their children may have emotional and social problems later in their lives. The characteristic that a good parent needs to have is to be respectful, to have courage, and to be engaged in their children’s lives. In Society you see being respectful as an important characteristic. This is why parents need to have it. With parents that have respect they will show their children how to have respect as well. They will not only learn how to respect themselves but their friends and family as well. With parents that have respect they will also have great deal of patience with their children. This is an important characteristic because you can’t just rush your children to do something right. Also you can’t just yell at them when they do something wrong. By yelling at them you are disrespecting them. This can lead your children to believe that disrespecting people is normal. This is why being respectful is an important characteristic for a parent to have because young children look up to their parents as role models. Parents need to have courage because you can’t show your children that you’re afraid. If you show that you’re afraid you won’t be a good parent. Instead of showing your children to face their fears you are teaching them to run away for them. By showing fear you are raising your kid to be a coward. Parents need to have

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