Explain How To Support Naz's Relationship With Her Parents

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for this task I am going to discus 3 types of support I will use to help Naz and her mother Parenting classes Allocating with intolerable behavior in an optimistic, composed and durable method can will help Naz’s mother stay in control of situations and also help Naz to realize her boundaries. It’s more about how Naz gets her mother’s attention. Parenting classes is a good way for naz’s mother to be prepared and approachable to situations. This way she’ll have advice and know what to do if they argue. Parenting classes are not about telling her how to do her job, but more about improving on her parenting skills so that she can help and support Naz in the future. Parenting classes includes advice on how to;  Set good examples  Keep expectations…show more content…
Talking to a Relate Counselor can help Naz move on from the death of her father, from the sexual abuse, depression and drinking as well as harming. This will not only make Naz feel much better but also help her with getting along with her mother. Counseling will help Naz so that she won’t have to act violently and aggressively when she’s in pressure. Her feelings will not be bottled up so she may have a more calm approach to things’. With counseling the professional will consider the precise challenge that Naz is facing, her environment and her stage of development. The councilor doesn’t simply empathize with the sort of challenge Naz has faced but instead should have an exact understanding of how Naz experiences the challenge at the particular stage of development. This awareness alongside with the ability to communicate it in a dependable and age appropriate way, whilst not Naz feel uncomfortable, is the key to the success of counseling. “Counselors should also be skilled in helping parents to understand their role and contribution to the child’s experience and how they can support the child moving forward, this is essential if what the child learns in their session is to be generalized to life outside of counseling and maintained once counseling is comes to an end.” In some cases counseling with involve a mixture of individual sessions with the child and sessions with a parent/guardian. The period of the treatment programme show a discrepancy upon the severity of the problem, its length and how much time the parents are able to devote to assisting the child put into practice what they have learned in their counseling
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