Golden Retriever Training

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Steps 1. 1 Recognize the first basic commands to teach your Golden Retriever. o Sit – Your Goldie will sit down in place. This is self explanatory. o Stay – Your Goldie will stay where it is currently standing, even if you should walk away. o Lie – Your Goldie will lie down on the floor. o Heel – Your Goldie will follow you [by your heelside] as you walk. 2. 2 Have patience before beginning to train your dog. Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Don't be frustrated if he or she doesn't pick up on anything on your first few sessions. Choose a selection of tasty treats. Reserve these treats for your Goldie for when you are training him/her. Start with the sit. Stand your dog in front of you and hold the treat firmly in your hand then move it towards the shoulders. As you say sit gently push their bottom to the ground. Praise and reward. Repeat this process but introduce the command sit. Your dog will then associate sitting with being treated. Move onto lying. Once your dog sits you can teach him to lie. Have him sitting in front of you. Hold the treat firmly in your hand or move it towards the floor. As your dog starts to go down move it at ground level towards you. Once he lying down praise and reward. Repeat but introduce the command. As your dog gets better at this you can remove the sit command and have him going straight to lie from standing. Move to the heel command. Walking to heel is surprisingly easy. Have your dog on a short leash on your left. Hold a treat in your right hand about level with your lower ribs in the center of your body. Make sure your dog knows the treat is there. Walk away and give the heel command. Keep his attention on you and don't be afraid to keep repeating the command. Stop and praise every few yards. As you get better at this, slowly increase the length of leash until

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