More Than Just a Pet

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Dogs More than Just a Pet When most people see someone walking a dog, they just see someone with a pet. They never think that the four-legged animal beside the person could be a service dog. There are many types of service animals, Dogs are trained to lead a blind person down the street, or help law enforcement to find a criminal. There are many ways that dogs are used as service animals. In this essay, I will look at some of the ways that dogs are used to assist humans other than being a simple family pet. After reading “The Dog Delusion” by April Pedersen, I chose to show how Service dogs could be a wonderful asset for someone with a disability, but it is always good to go into anything with your eyes open from the beginning. Many factors come into play with the use of a service dog. These dogs can be a lifesaving partner, but they come with needs and can change every aspect of your life. A service dog can do many tasks, depending on the person's disability. A dog guide is the eyes for its blind handler, taking the handler around obstacles. A hearing dog alerts the handler to sounds, a Seizure Alert/Response dog responds when the handler has a seizure and a Mobility Assist Dog (also called a Service Dog), is the arms and legs for a disabled person. A psychiatric service dog keeps a person with a psychiatric disorder calm and able to be going to out in public. Probably the most familiar type of service dog is the guide dog that is trained to help blind or visually impaired people. These dogs serve as the eyes for their owner, navigating them through traffic, stairs and sidewalks while avoiding all obstacles that could cause injury. Similar to guide dogs, "hearing" or "signal" dogs are specially trained to assist deaf people. They alert their owner to sounds, usually by approaching their owner and then by going back to the source of the sound. They signal such

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