Facial Expressions of Dogs

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Christine Miller Informative Speech Topic: Dog Facial Expression Specific Purpose: To inform dog lovers of 2 facial expressions of canines and what they mean. ------------------------------------------------- Central Idea: To learn the happy and tense facial expressions of dogs. ------------------------------------------------- Introduction: I. Eyes squinting, tails wagging, and tongues hanging out. II. We’ve all wondered at some point what our dogs are thinking. III. I’ve done the research and I’m going to tell you about 2 dog facial expressions and what they mean. TR: Before I can tell you about a tense dog’s facial expression, let me tell you what a happy dog looks like. Body: (Topical) I. There are 3 characteristics of a happy canine facial expression. (topical) A. The first characteristic is the ears. 1. A happy dog’s ears will be held slightly back or held in their normal relaxed position. a. In the photo to your left, you will see a dog with its ears held slightly back and to your right you will see a dog with its ears in the relaxed position. b. When the dog’s ears are back they are intending to be friendly and when they are in their normal state they are content. c. You may see this behavior when they are meeting a new dog friend while on a walk. 2. According to Richard Gray, author of the article A Dog’s Facial Expression Shows Its Mood, some dogs will move their right ear forward to show they are pleased. 3. This movement is so subtle that it can’t be seen unless you’re looking for it. B. The next characteristic is the eyes. 1. They will either look normal shaped or their eyelids will be squinting. 2. The photo to your left shows a dog with

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